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Reliable Returns

Recall Training

Embarrassed constantly calling your dog back only to be ignored, having to run around after them?

You are not alone!
Recall is one of the most common issues owners struggle with, resulting in you frantically calling & chasing your dog around or too scared to let them ever be off lead.
Specialising in recall Saintly Dogs can help you achieve success. Confidently let your dog off lead, knowing they'll come back.


This 1 to 1 programme will take you & your dog through each step to ensure they learn a solid, reliable recall. 

Understand why they ignore you & how to teach them you are more exciting than everything else so, when they hear you call them, they happily come running back, no matter what they are doing.

Does your dog pull on lead & need help with loose lead walking?
Take a look at Wonderful Walking

cute little fluffy dog learning to come back

Training Programme

This programme is specifically designed & created for all those with selective hearing when you call them!

1 to 1 sessions - for dogs of all ages.
 Learn effective techniques to introduce & practice with your dog or puppy, to achieve reliable results.

3 sessions included :
1 x 1 hour session, at your home
2 x 30 minute sessions out & about.

These programmes are not suitable for fear reactive dogs.
For help with this issue, or if you are struggling withany other training or behaviour, please take a look at my Home School Sessions.

** For all programme sessions held over the weekend, there is a 10% increase in costs **

After each session you will receive a recap email.
Payment is required up front & travelling costs may apply.