Why choose Saintly Dogs
Dog Training & Behaviour, Stratford-upon-Avon

Saintly Dogs is dedicated to help you & your dog gain reliable long term training & behaviour results & achieve success.
Become the best teacher for your dog and enjoy a happy, confident & well-mannered dog who loves to listen and learn.

little dog sitting in car seat
great dane training in park

* Friendly, dedicated & professional dog trainer, providing uniquely tailored advice based on your needs and requirements.

* Established business with a high success rate.

* Experience of various breeds, from toy to giant, all teaching is carried out with kindness, understanding, encouragement & rewards, to help you grow a strong bond with your dog.

* You will be able to understand why your dog behaves the way they do so you can finally leave the shouting, stress & frustration behind.

* Learn new skills and knowledge, alongside your dog, that can be used long-term to help you effectively teach & communicate with them.

* See progress, get results & reach your goals with consistent practice of easy to implement exercises and methods.

* Reasonable rates charged for the education, knowledge & service provided.